Juan Lopez
Juan Lopez

War stories of code standards and other monsters

Nowadays a lot of people are learning JS due to its big influence both in the browser and server. When working in big teams, sometimes having a standard way of writing code can help and improve the learning curve for new members, code readability, and in some cases unexpected behavior.

This talk will provide an insight on my experience from implementing and enforcing javascript style guides and standards across multiple companies and different teams. At first, it will provide a basics on standards answering all the Ws (what, why, who, where, when). Then, I’ll introduce some of the most known and popular examples along with examples my own implementations. After this, I’ll share my failures and most problematic situations but also provide viable options for how to handle unexpected issues with code and people.



Software Developer. Love learning & hacking on new things. Passionate, enjoy working on solving problems using experience acquired in the enterprise IT and the software development fields. I love to share knowledge and help others. I enjoy anime, photography, cooking and outdoor activities.