Dave Ramirez
Dave Ramirez

Embracing the "Native" of React Native

React Native is gaining massive traction due to the pace at which it enables you to ship cross-platform mobile (and now even desktop!) apps.

For simplistic use cases, you may not even need to be aware of the fact that there are full-blown Xcode and Android Studio projects tucked inside the root of your app directory. However, React Native’s true potential lies in just how easy it can be to dip down into native code when things start getting hairy.

We’ll gain a better understanding of what the JavaScript code that you write is doing under the hood by learning about native bridging and how native UI components are rendered.

We’ll also explore some practical applications of this knowledge, such as avoiding common performance pitfalls and exposing your own native UI components.



Dave Ramirez is a full-stack engineer located in the Philly area. He is currently part of a growing team of engineers at the Manhattan based healthcare startup Quartet, working to increase patient access to mental health care.

He has over 6 years of professional experience building websites and applications with JavaScript tools, and has a passion for exploring the technical limitations of the language and finding ways to push them even further.