Diversity and Inclusion

To Our 2018 Attendees:

First and foremost, we would like to re-affirm our commitment to a safe and comfortable environment for all attendees. We focus heavily on making sure that needs are met from food to venue to programming.

This year, we received some very upsetting feedback that we would like like to address. The feedback was two-fold: there wasn’t enough diversity in the speaker selection and we need to better educate speakers on the inclusiveness of our event so that they don’t cause people to feel unwelcome.

We can and we will do better in our 2019 session. We are grateful for the time you’ve taken to provide feedback.

Next year, all speakers will be required to acknowledge a diversity and inclusion statement stressing the importance of creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Secondly, we will offer more speaker education which will cover fundamentals of public speaking, as well as stress the importance of the impact of our word selection, so that no one feels targeted, pushed out, or unwelcome.

We’re very sorry that some of our community felt left out or underrepresented. It is not okay. The thing we want to do most is acknowledge our mistakes and find ways to improve moving forward.

Thank you again for your time.

LibertyJS Organizers